The concept was such a success that since then, a new outlet has been built every year. Today, we’ve grown our footprint to over 50 branches to cater the Filipino community.

This aggressive growth has made us one of the fastest growing Filipino fuel retail and wholesale companies in the Philippines.

But this success did not come overnight. We faced many challenges along the way that helped us develop our system today.

Our success started from humble beginnings.

It was observed that existing major gas stations are mostly located in major roads and highways. POWER FILL, saw the need to bring the gas stations closer to the underserved consumer and offer them more affordable but the same high-quality fuel.

In October 2009, Power Fill took a bold first step: It established its first gas station in Barangay Caniogan, in the city of Malolos, Bulacan — on a street that was not a major highway, which is the traditional location for gas stations in the country.
We studied every small detail that goes into running a fuel station and improved upon it. Each new station we built added to the lessons we learned. We developed our marketing strategies to increase profitability and brand awareness. We honed our services to address the concerns most companies fail to service.

Every Power Fill station you see on the road is a result of all the hard work everyone in the company put in to ensure better service to consumers and profitable investment to our stakeholders and franchisees.

Be part of our growing family.

We’d love to have you.


To be the preferred petroleum company that revolutionizes the industry through innovation, inclusivity, and full-business integration.


Provider of quality products and services

Power Fill aims to deliver competitive, world-class products and excellent service to every customer at the best prices

Optimum Growth and Profitability

Power Fill aims to attain maximum growth and returns throughout its network — for all employees, franchisees, business partners and the commun

Winning Partnerships

The business is founded upon building solid, lasting and rewarding relationships with industry partners that foster trust, cooperation, and efficiency in all fronts.

Environment-friendly Operation

All processes are conducted with care and the highest regard for the environment and with the concepts of full sustainability in mind.

Results-oriented company

Power Fill continually works toward providing high-quality energy supply security that enhances quality of life for the community and the country over the long term.

P.O.W.E.R. is only efficient when there is speed, direction, and control involved. We have the success for all our partners that started with one station. Be a part of the Power Fill family now!


At Power Fill, we put a premium on consumer satisfaction and customer service. We built K.I.D.L.A.T. around this premise.

Kilos Agad

You will see us moving as soon as you pull in to any of our fueling stations. We understand that every second counts.


We know you’re here for fuel but is there something else we can do for you? Our attendants have the initiative to care for your needs and promptly address them.


We take pride in the discipline we instill in each and every member of our Power Fill family.

Laging Handa

We’re always ready to help you with whatever you need! We also have the basic things you need to ensure a safe journey once you pull out from any of our fuelling stations.


Are your tires low on pressure? Does your windshield need cleaning? We notice the little things and bring them to your attention immediately to increase your safety on the road.

Time Bound

We know your time is precious, we’ll get you fueled up and ready to hit the road as soon as possible. Enjoy lightning-quick service in all of our Power Fill stations today!

What’s our secret?

We focus on bringing value to every stakeholder; from our business partners, employees, franchisees, and the community we operate in.

Our hearts and minds are open to the rapid changes in the industry and we work towards making sure we are always on top of our game.

We listen and we care.

We also ensure that all environmental standards are upheld to ensure the future generation is taken cared of today.

Be part of our growing team.

We’d love to have you.